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When you're feeling terrible due to an issue with your nose or mouth your entire life feels disrupted.

The instrument on our website presenting nose-and mouth-related illnesses intends to help you effectively pinpoint your symptoms and direct you to solutions. The sense of smell contributes to our enjoyment of life - we are able to take in the fragrances of our most beloved foods and environments, but it is also an alert system, alarming us to threat signals gas emissions, rotten food and fire.

Studies performed at the National Institutes of Health as well as other public-private and university programs continually returns new understanding into these well estabilished issues. Innovation is always driving creation of new technology and tools. Our responsibility to you is to help you stay informed about the most recent progress in the allergy field.

After learning what you can here, our team of specialists wish to meet with you and attend to your unique symptoms

Balloon Sinusplasty

Sinusitis is a medical condition that induces pain and tension in the face, sinus headaches, and periodic sinus infections. Symptoms can either be intense and occur for up to four weeks, or chronic and persist for twelve weeks or longer. Over thirty million people living in the U.S. endure the condition, which is caused by the sinus lining becoming inflammed and blocking the proper draining of mucus.A surgical procedure termed balloon sinusplasty may help alleviate unpleasant and painful symptoms associated with sinusitis for our patients who don't find standard medical treatment to be effective.

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