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Our ability to hear speech, music, as well as other sounds in the environment is made possible by our ears, yet they also allow injurious noises in that can induce pain and other complications.

Hearing loss intensifies while we age, being influenced by daily activities such as: mowing the lawn, street development, and even noisy television and radio broadcasts - of which all can cause different sections of the ear to lose responsiveness. In addition, ear infections may inflame the middle ear as a result of bacteria from fluid accumulating behind the eardrum. Not only can this be quite painful, it can bring other complications as well. Another area our trained ear doctors treat on a daily basis, is dizziness that can occur due to a range of varying reasons. The ear specialists at our offices in Brownwood, and Stephenville are fully committed to helping you identify the specific concern you have, and will develop a proper, clinically-certified treatment solution to address it.

Studies performed at the National Institutes of Health as well as other public-private and university programs continually returns new understanding into these well estabilished issues. Innovation is always driving creation of new technology and tools. Our responsibility to you is to help you stay informed about the most recent progress in the allergy field.

After learning what you can here, our team of specialists wish to meet with you and attend to your unique symptoms


There are basically two therapy options available at our Stephenville and Brownwood clinics for patients deaf in one ear or who have serious hearing loss in one ear - and cannot be helped by a traditional hearing aid. A CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signal) hearing aid is the first available option, which has the appearance of a conventional hearing aid but catches sound traveling to the poor ear and passes it to a hearing device on the ear that is good.

Cochlear Implant Mapping

Patients who have serious hearing loss or individuals with extreme deafness can be helped with a cochlear implant, which is a small electronic device that is surgically implanted. Apart from conventional hearing aids that amplify sound, a cochlear implant stimulates the auditory nerve with electrical signals. The signals are interpreted by the brain as sound, and this facilitates the patient's ability to recognize speech.

Custom Earmolds

If you are a central Texas patient seeking to purchase earplugs, ear buds or hearing aids, you will require complete hearing protection that is appropriately fitted and secure. The optimal solution offered at our offices in Stephenville and Brownwood, is custom earmolds developed to match the distinctive contours of your ears.


It may be an unpleasant sensation to feel dizzy and lightheaded, but the symptoms are prevalent and able to be treated. Keep in mind that dizziness and vertigo are two distinct ailments that people confuse with each other. Ordinary faintness accompanies dizziness while vertigo creates a feeling that the environment you're in is spinning around you.

Ear Infection

Having to cope with an ear infection is something we never wish for. It is essential though, to understand the symptoms caused by this prevalent disorder and the possible therapy choices that exist.

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