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It's common for patients suffering from rhinitis to mistakenly associate their symptoms with nonallergic rhinitis (hay fever). The confusion is caused because both conditions have comparable symptoms, but their causes are not. Contrary to hay fever, an immune system response does not accompany nonallergic rhinitis, but involves blood vessels in the nose.

Causes & Symptoms

Nonallergic rhinitis differs from hay fever because it isn't caused by pollen, mold or dander. Infection can be the trigger, or even food and beverage. Other triggers can be from: dust, smoke, chemicals, humidity changes, spicy foods, alcohol, stress and pregnancy. Nonallergic rhinitis symptoms consist of runny and stuffy nose, and sneezing.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Both rhinitis types present symptoms that are comparable, so usually the allergist doctor will prescribe that an allergy skin and blood test be administered to have the issue diagnosed. There is no conclusive test to determine that a patient actually has nonallergic rhinitis. Accordingly, prior to following through with a diagnosis and treatment stategy, your allergy doctor will take note of the symptoms you have, and rule out additional causes. Nasal sprays or oral decongestants could be advised by your doctor. They could even suggest adjustments to your lifestyle to include staying away from known triggers like wood-burning stoves, household chemical items and other fragrances such as perfume.

Prevention Methods

Blood cell dilation which inflames the nasal tissue is frequently an unalterable heriditary trait, making it a challenge to prevent. The recommended suggestion is to stay clear of confirmed triggers, always remain hydrated, and don't overuse nasal decongestants because doing so can actually aggravate your symptoms and sensitivity

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