Intradermal Allergy Testing

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Intradermal allergy testing is type of skin test which enables our physicians to detect substance(s) that you are allergic to. This test is administered if the usual, skin prick allergy test approach, doesn't produce positive results for any suspected allergen

Intradermal Allergy Testing & Skin Prick Testing

Administering a skin prick allergy test, involves making a prick or scratch on the skin of the patient (). A drop with the presumed allergen in it, is put on this region and is absorbed by the skin. A positive result is marked by redness or swelling in the area that the drop was placed. Skin prick test results on occassion, are uncertain. If in spite of the result, our allergist is convinced the allergen administered is the reason for your symptoms, an intradermal allergy test could be applied.

Intradermal allergy testing requires the allergist to administer a injection of the presumed allergen directly into the patient's skin, and generally supplies faster and more sensitive results - often within twenty minutes. A postive result is indicated by small red hives.

The test helps to disover if a patient might have a distinct type of allergy (e.g. penicillin)

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