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Not every allergy patient is able to alleviate their symptoms with antihistamines. Interim relief from allergies may be achieved, however as long-term approaches to treatment these are not enough. Immunotherapy may instead be advised by the allergist, as a different allergy treatment solution for those patients. Immunotherapy's purpose is to diminish or eradicate allergy symptoms indefinitely by supplying the body a small number of allergens to help it build up immunity. Subcutaenous (SCIT) and sublingual (SLIT) are two forms of immunotherapy treatment offered at our Brownwood and Stephenville, allergy clinics.


Allergy testing is the initial step for our allergists to make an assessment about potential allergens that are inducing your symptoms. After these are pinpointed, an extract is taken through your skin or administered orally.

Subcutaenous immunotherapy (SCIT) is administered by injection. Ordinarily termed allergy shots, doses start off small and are delivered to the patient one or two times a week. These small dosage amounts are steadily raised until the patient reaches a point that they can can be delivered a maintenance dose. By this stage shots are given each two to four weeks for consecutive months throughout the year. At the right moment regular injections will be reduced to a monthly occurrence. Treatments persist on average for around 3 to 5 years and the body should have built up a resilience over that time span.

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