Chronic Sinusitis

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Anyone in central Texas who is suffering with allergy-associated, chronic sinusitis - understands the pain and discomfort that is triggered by unseen specks of pollen and dust in the environment. Chronic rhinosinusitis (Inflammation of the nasal passage) commonly follows it.

Symptoms & Causes

Allergic sinusitis comes as a response to inhaling allergens like pollen, dander, dust, and smoke. If in two to three weeks the sinusitis symptoms don't subside, or they reemerge at some point during the year - the most probable allergy related diagnosis is chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis symptoms can consist of nasal blockage that persists for two or more weeks, eyes and nose that itch, difficulty sleeping, tenderness, and a decreased ability to taste and smell.

Diagnosis & Treatment

When you walk into one of our allergy clinics in Stephenville or Brownwood, the allergy doctor may opt to administer a nasal endoscopy, CT or MRI scan. He or she may also carry out a sinus culture or take an allergy skin test. When the allergist is certain that allergies are the reason for your symptoms, they will prescribe sinus treatment solutions that could include immunotherapy allergy shots or drops, antibiotics, balloon sinuplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. Additional sinus treatment alternatives to alleviate your symptoms involve at home cures like nasal sprays, steam breathing, as well as other pain medicines received over-the-counter.


If allergens are the origin of your symptoms, countering allergic sinusitis can be complex. Our recommendation is to evade obvious causes that set off your symptoms, consult your physician to monitor and control them, and remain healthy.

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