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Allergies are how your body attempts to combat a substance it perceives as dangerous to the immune system. Made up of cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, the immune system protects you by impeding germs and other bacteria from infecting your body.

Immune System's Response to Threat

Whenever an allergen substance infiltrates the body, the immune system counters by creating antibodies to attack the threat. Proteins discharge histamines, which trigger allergy-related symptoms like swelling, inflammation, itchiness, and excess mucus.

Allergies impact around 1 in 5 American citizens. Some of the more prevalent allergen types consist of tree pollen, grasses and other types of plants, pet dander, mold, and also dust mites.

Allergy Treatments

Allergies can be a seasonal event or cause year-round issues for the person that has to experience them. Hay fever, a by-product of pollen that floats in the air - is a seasonal allergy that triggers cold-like symptoms in humans. Some of these cold-like hay fever symptoms are: stuffy and runny nose; sneezing; postnasal drip; itchy nose, throat, and eyes; watery eyes; and pressure in the ears.

Prevention is always the recommended method to treat your allergies, though doing so isn’t always practical. Allergy treatment methods which help to reduce symptoms are antihistamines, decongestants and corticosteroids. These provide temporary alleviation but are not an end-all "cure" to allergies. Immunotherapy, is a long-term allergy treatment strategy that starts off as small doses.

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